B8sfv8OCEAAhhOaWill is the owner of Mason Hall Media, LLC, a boutique marketing firm specializing in ghostwriting and audio production. He starting the business after nearly two decades working for churches including his last role as Director of Communications and Media Support for the Rio Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Will no longer works directly with churches but keeps up with the latest in technology and communications and uses this site as a place to share his knowledge and experience.

Will has two boys, Joshua and Samuel, and a rescue dog name Sahara.

You can learn more about Will’s work at masonhallmedia.com,


  1. Rev Rice,
    I enjoyed your presentation at the Capital District Lay Leadership Training event today. Sorry I had to leave a bit early. Thank you for the link to this blog. I am following it and look forward to reading your future posts.
    I would love to have you look at our website–www.berkeleyumc.org and our Facebook page–www.facebook.com/berkeleyumc and give me any feedback or suggestions you have.

  2. Hello, I have discovered that a person needs to know the the hdmi output resolution and frame rate needs to be compatible with the video capture box. The Canon RF R800 and the Blackmagic Intensity shuttle are unfortunately incompatible.

  3. pls pastor will, i want to know the necessary steps to set up the means of recording messages into audio CDs for our ministry. we are a newly ministry trying to set up the media dept.

  4. Pastor Will, I am hoping to interview you in the next week for a seminary project. Please contact me as soon as you comfortably able to do so.

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