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office-620822_1280I tweet quite a bit and I can’t imagine anyone reads them all (if any). So here is some of the great stuff I have found on twitter recently.

7 Websites to Get Free High Quality Images – If your church still uses clipart, on your website, in your bulletin, in mailers, etc. please (how can I say this nicely?) stop. Clipart had its day in the sun but now, it makes your materials look dated and unprofessional. Communicating the most important message ever told deserves better than that. There are a ton of great stock images available to better communicate your message on your website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

and here is one more place: Why I Am Giving Away Free Photos with ChurchMag – and one more: Freely Photos –

How to Increase Sign Ups for Just About Anything at – If your church does not allow people to register and sign up for events, activities and volunteer opportunities online, you are missing out on chances to get people connected. There are many free and powerful platforms to make it happen. This post also gives some other tips for connecting the maximum number of people.

Church Bulletins: 20 Insights & 10 Great Examples – – I am not just about electronic media. The stuff we print is just as important. If you print a bulletin every week, take a few minutes to make sure you are achieving maximum impact.

Tech Notes: 5 Twitter Hacks Your Church Needs Today – – Is your church thinking of getting started with Twitter? Or, do you want to do better with the platform? Good stuff here.

How to “Decode” Your Church Website Content (Part 1) – – There is a school of thought that suggests that, in order to reach out to new people, we should avoid using any “churchy” terminology. There is another school of thought that says that we shouldn’t avoid it. Instead, we should use the language of our faith and tradition but we should be sure to teach its meaning. This post is a good look at that.

I hope you find something that helps. When you find great content, feel free to share it in the comments!


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