Low-Tech Awesomeness

I love using high-tech resources to help the church reach new people and draw people into a deeper relationship with God. But sometimes, low-tech is even better. I was at my old stomping grounds this morning, University United Methodist Church in San Antonio, where one of my boys attends day school. As I was walking him to class, I saw this:

ChalkboardThis is an inexpensive and effective way to share information in the church. Sandwichboard chalkboards like this run between $50 and $100 and chalk is cheap. All you need (and this is important) is someone with nice chalkboard handwriting and some high quality, bright colored chalk. The beautiful thing is how portable these are. If you leave the message the same and leave them in the same place all the time, they will blend into the background. But change the message and move them around and people will see. A great piece of an overall communications strategy that is cheap and easy.

I love to see and hear about unique ways churches are sharing the message either inside the walls or out. If you have something to share, post it in the comments below.


  1. We painted the backs of bookshelves with chalkboard paint (and are in the process of getting the bookshelves on wheels, too) so that they can be used in a similar way with even more options for display/information.

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