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When I talk to churches about creating or updating a website, the first question I ask them to wrestle with is, “Who is this for?” If they can understand the primary audience, the content and style seem to fall right into place. I tell them that I believe the primary audience for their church website should be those who don’t come to their church yet.

If people are considering visiting a church, it is pretty likely that they are going to start by looking at the church’s website. Shouldn’t that website speak to them and let them know that the church wants them to come?

Central Christian Church in Nevada certainly gets that. Their landing page sends a bold statement of welcome. And it doesn’t end there. The entire website is about inviting people in and inviting people deeper. Now that is focus!

Take a look at your own church website. Is it truly inviting?

Sometimes it helps to have another set of eyes. Rio Texas churches, if you want us to take a look at your website and offer some feedback just fill out this quick form and we will send back some of our impressions and some tips for making it better.

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