Free Squarespace Help for Churches


As you may know by now, I am a big fan of Squarespace. They offer a lot of help and support to help new users. This help comes both through their “how-to” guides and videos and their support community made up of other Squarespace users. For a lot of folks, this is all the help they need. However, we have found others who need some specific help designed for churches using Squarespace.

I have been creating a series of videos designed specifically for our Squarespace for Churches webinar series. Some of the people setting out to design a website for their church are new to Squarespace. They may also be new to some of the basic concepts needed to create and maintain a website, even in a drag-and-drop interface. These videos attempt to present the information assuming only a very basic knowledge of working on the web.

Check out the playlist

One of the limitations in the video tutorials created by Squarespace is the variety of templates used. All Squarespace websites are created using templates. They offer a variety of different starting templates suitable for a variety of different website styles. Different templates have different layouts and features. This can make things confusing for a beginner. Sometimes it is challenging to translate what is being demonstrated in a different template. To counter this, all of the work in my videos is shown using the Squarespace for Churches template based on the Squarespace “Five” template. This allows users to follow along step by step since everything looks exactly like their website.

The videos cover basic topics like:

  • Adding links to text and images
  • Using Canva to format images for the web
  • Adding calendar items
  • Filling in site and page descriptions to help with search engine rankings

While these videos were designed with Squarespace for Churches participants in mind, any church with a website on Squarespace may find them helpful. They may also be useful for training staff and volunteers to keep your site updated. Even experienced designers may need some help explaining some of these basic concepts to other users.

All of the videos are available for free on my YouTube Channel. They can be found on my Squarespace Help playlist.

If there is another Squarespace topic of feature you would like to to see demonstrated, just let me know in the comments. I will be developing more videos and would be glad to consider your idea.

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