In my last post, I demonstrated capturing, editing and publishing quality HD video using an iPhone and some accessories. The video came out great but it had one problem: the lighting was terrible. The lighting in my office is usually pretty good, but I shot that video in a different spot of my office. I didn’t realize until I started editing how horrible the light was. Since the point of the video was just to show the possibilities of getting started with video, I decided not to reshoot. It has been bothering me ever since.

Instead of starting over, I decided to create a new video to demonstrate some other inexpensive equipment and to show off my terribly ugly yet effective light set up in my home office. I usually work from my office in the United Methodist Conference Center but I do quite a few meetings and the occasional webinar from home.

This video was shot with a Logitech C920 webcam sitting on a makeshift tripod propped up on a cardboard box. The audio comes from a Blue Snowball microphone mounted on a very used microphone stand. The lighting you will have to see for yourself. I also shot the video on a second camera, the same iPhone 6+ I used in the last video.







The main video was recorded in Camtasia and the whole thing was edited in Final Cut Pro. The resolution of the Logitech webcam is nowhere near as good as the iPhone. However, with the right lighting and decent sound, it works out to be a decent shot.

Take a look:

I certainly prefer my HD camera or iPhone. But for web conferences, webinars, and the occasional how-to video. This setup works just fine.

Got any of your own tricks for capturing video without spending a ton of money? Or have questions? Post them in the comments below.

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