It’s time to order your Christmas promotional resources. You still have time to plan for Christmas but you will need to hurry to get everything you need in time.

This is part 3 of the series, “Christmas Worship Planning 2018.” Feel free to start here. Or, go back to the beginning of the series.

In my last post, I wrote about some of the pre-planning your church needs to do right now to be ready for Christmas Eve. Now that you are getting things set, it is time to start thinking about inviting people.

Since Christmas Eve is the service most attended by unchurched folks, it is also the best time to invite new people. People who wouldn’t normally accept an invitation to church might accept an invitation to church on Christmas Eve.

1. Prepare invitation resources

Christmas Promotional Resources from UMCOM
Sample courtesy of and

If you want your people to invite their friends, family, and neighbors, provide them with something to hand out. Not many people are comfortable with inviting people to church. A handout of some sort makes it a little easier. It is also easier for someone to remember the invitation if they can hang something on their fridge.

Print up invitation cards with service times, directions, and your church website address and give them to your members.  To pull it all together, it would be great to have some matching graphics to use on your website and social media and even some signage for outside the church. Although you still have time to do the actual inviting, now is the time to get the resources ready.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Again for 2018, United Methodist Communications in cooperation with has a number of pre-made Christmas promotional resources. Check them out

Watch for my updated supplemental post “Using the UMCOM/ resources to promote Christmas Eve at Your Church.” These are great resources but I found the process of getting everything you need a little confusing so I am going to walk you through the process.

Start getting people ready to invite

Christmas Promotional ResourcesOnce you have those invitations ready, don’t just hand them out. Explain what you want people to do with them. Talk about who they might invite and give them some words to use. If you are considering a neighborhood walk to hand out invitations, start planning for that now. You can enlist Sunday School classes or small groups. Or, you can plan some walks and ask people to sign up.

Back them up with social media and signage

If you use the Christmas promotional resources from UMCOM and, you will have everything you need to promote your services on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you are on social media. Again, keep a lookout for my updated supplemental post “Using the UMCOM/ resources to promote Christmas Eve at Your Church.” where I will discuss how to take advantage of those resources.

Christmas Promotional ResourcesPurchasing some matching external and internal signage will help people know they are in the right place. It will also tie everything together to make for a more impactful experience for your first-time guests. You can even download the artwork for matching bulletin covers. Never underestimate the power of coordinated branding. No one will ever say, “It was really nice that my bulletin looked just like my door hanger.” However, there is an unspoken message about the quality of your church and it shows that you really care about welcoming new people.

Christmas Promotional Resources

Some of the designs this year also have yard signs. With the election season about to end, I am sure there are some creative ways to use these to get the word out.

In my next post, I will discuss the next phase: prepare. There are some things you are going to need to think about to be ready for all those extra guests on Christmas Eve.

In the meantime, order those resources! Time is running out.


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