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Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 6.10.51 AMI post a lot of stuff on Twitter. My personal Twitter feed is a clearinghouse of all the interesting, useful and strange stuff I find on blogs, website, Facebook and Twitter. I can’t imagine anyone actually reads through my entire twitter feed. So, here is some of the good stuff I have shared recently.

Should Your Church Be Using Social Media? – InternetToolboxforChurches.com
Your answer is more than likely, yes. However, this looks into the “why?” and talks about some of the strengths and pitfalls.

Work Your Way Through Someone’s Confusing Email By Rewriting It – Lifehacker.com
 have a serious love/hate relationship with email. I am easily frustrated by messages that I have to read multiple times to understand. This piece turns those emails into an opportunity.

20 Great Ways to Use Instagram at Your Church – TheCreativePastor.com
I don’t see a lot of churches using Instagram and I see very few using it well. Here are some great tips for how to make the most of the platform.

Internal Church Communications – Churchjuice
I write a lot about external communications and how to reach the mission field. But, how you communicate internally is equally important. The internal/external divide is very fuzzy in church life. This is a great piece to get you thinking.

3 Reasons to Nix the Creative Ministry Names – ChurchTechToday.com
If your church has ministry names like Activ8, Solomon’s Portico or Uprising, PLEASE read this. Sometimes we just get too creative and we don’t realize that the names we give our ministries aren’t really helping anyone to connect.

4 Things Your Church Website Must Do –  ChurchMag
Read this and then take a look at your church’s website. How does it measure up?

I hope you find this useful. Find something helpful out there in cyberspace? Share it in the comments. And consider following me on Twitter: @pastorwill

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