Will's Twitter FeedI am scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning, looking for some things you might have missed.

5 Methods to Creating Church Instagram Posts – I don’t see a lot of churches using Instagram but it can be a great way to connect and share another view of your church. This will help you get started.

6 Ways to Derail Your Church Announcements – For members and guests alike, announcements in worship can be a powerful way to cast vision and create the narrative in your church. They can also be a way to instantly cause the congregation to tune out. I would recommend reading this and then taking a good hard look at your announcement time.

McDonald’s and Churches Have More in Common than I Thought – McDonald’s isn’t where one would typically look for guidance in revitalizing the church. However Shane Raynor shares some insightful thoughts on what we could learn from their struggle.

6 Strategies for Getting Started with Internet Tools at Your Church – As I have begun travelling around the Rio Texas Conference, both physically and virtually, I hear a lot of people wondering where to even begin. This is a good piece to read to lower your anxiety and think through where to begin.

I hope these help. Always feel free to share good content you find on your internet travels. For a lot more, follow me on Twitter: @pastorwill

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