How Does Your Church Communicate – Webinar Series

HowDoesYourChurchCommunicateWhether you are a professional church communicator, a communications volunteer, a member of a church communications committee, a pastor, or just someone who wants to know more about the theory and technology of church communications, you are invited to join me for my new webinar series, “How Does Your Church Communicate?”

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I have been working on this webinar since I offered a workshop earlier in the year. I simply had too much to cover in two hours so I decided to expand it to a format that more people could attend.

The webinar is totally free and open to everyone. The first session will be Wednesday, June 26th at noon and it will run every week at that time for six weeks. Can’t make it Wednesdays at noon? Don’t worry. Go ahead and register and you will get a link each week to view the replay.

Here is how the course is laid out:

Week One – July 26 – Cutting Through the Clutter – Basic Theory for Church Communications

Week Two – August 2 – The Spoken Word – Announcements and Other Words from the Front

Week Three – August 9 – Put it on Paper – Bulletins and other Paper Stuff

Week Four – August 16 – Getting the Word Out – External Communications

Week Five – August 23 – A Sticky Web – Church Websites

Week Six – August 30 – Share the Sharing – Social Media

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