In response to my last post, “Going All In on Squarespace and Weebly (Sort Of)”, Jim at Berkely United Methodist Church in Austin shared his church’s new site built on Squarespace. They were a church who suffered through a hack on their WordPress site that resulted in a lot of work and downtime. They are now back up and running on Squarespace.


Berkely went with a modern design built on Squarespace’s Marquee template (or some variant of it.) A screen grab doesn’t really do it justice. You need to go the website at to get a feel for the beautiful parallax scrolling design.


The site is modern, professional, and welcoming. It makes a great first impression on those who may be looking for a place to connect with God and the community.

Perhaps their new site will inspire you. Rio Texas Churches can have their current website reviewed, or get advice for starting a new one. Just go to

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