Next Tuesday evening, I will fire up the Zoom Webinar platform for a brand new thing: Squarespace for Churches. This four-week webinar series is a bit of experiment, but I am feeling good about the possibilities.

This is not the first time I have worked with churches to develop new websites using Squarespace. I have led two one-day, in-person workshops with mixed results. There were a few issues with the format including limited time, varying computer abilities and differing levels of commitment. While the webinar format is going to have some challenges of its own, it allows for a lot more time and more opportunities to help those who are moving at different speeds.


A sample template offered to churches.

The webinar series has a lofty goal. For churches who are looking for a new website, it is our mission that, after four weeks, they will have a ready to launch website for their church. That is going to take some front-end work on my part. Participants are not going to start with a blank canvas. They will receive access to a Squarespace template that has already been customized for them. With a few modifications, which will be covered in the class, the site will be ready to launch. Instead of the course focusing on building the site, it will be about modifying it, adding content and learning to maintain it.


In addition to the one-hour live webinar each week, I will hold virtual office hours via Zoom meeting during the week. They are optional and will give a chance for participants to get more help if they need it.

The course is free and open to all Rio Texas United Methodist Churches. You can learn more at

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