Some of the stuff in my pocket
Some of the stuff in my pocket

I read a lot of stuff on the web.  I read a lot of it through an app called feedly.  The stuff that I think I might want to do something with later gets sent to another app called pocket.  Sometimes I save something to pocket thinking I might share it later on twitter or the blog..  And then… I don’t.  I thought I might share some of those that have been sitting in there for a while.  I noticed that there were a bunch of articles on social media and the church.  Let’s take a look at some of those.

Using Social Media in Your Church – If you are at a church that doesn’t really engage in social media or is still sort of dabbling in it, this piece by Ed Stetzer is a great place to start.

10 Types of Images to Boost Your Social Media Engagement –  If you are into social media but are trying to get more people to read, like and share, you want to read this.  The use of the right kind of photos can dramatically improve how people relate to your content.  From

3 Little Known Ways to Significantly Improve Your Social Sharing Today – If you have not been introduced to buffer, you should get to know each other.  This piece shows how it can leverage social media sharing (and make it less annoying.)

The Ideal Status Length Is 100 Characters for Twitter, 40 for Facebook – Most of us know that Twitter status updates are limited to 140 characters.  But do you know the optimal length for Facebook and Twitter?  Now you do.

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